2 Deputies Injured On Brooks Road

By: Emily Guiles

In Sullivan Township near Brooks Road two sheriff’s deputies were injured responding to a call regarding a man who was armed and believed to be suicidal.

When the police arrived the mother and child were escorted off the property but the man remained inside and locked in his room. The deputies reported to have seen him laying on his bed through a window and had reason to believe that he had already harmed himself.

When the police tried to coax the man out, he emerged with a rifle pointing at the ground. The deputies believed that his plan was suicide by cop, and rather than give him a chance to use the rifle one of the deputies went for the gun and shoved the man into the wall in an attempt to disarm him.

A taser eventually brought the man down, one deputy suffered a broken leg and the other suffered a shoulder injury during the struggle. All three were taken to the hospital and made full recoveries.

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