Muskegon Heights Awarded $3 Million for Sherman Corridor Improvements

Muskegon Heights, Michigan December 21st, 2018- The City of Muskegon Heights has been
awarded $3 million dollars for substantial redesign and reconstruction of Sherman Boulevard,
it’s busiest street and one of the most traveled roads in Muskegon County.
The wide ranging improvements will consist of roadway improvements, public utility upgrades
for future business investment, lighting and landscaping along the corridor, and blight
abatement in commercial sections of Sherman Boulevard.
The funds come by way of a supplemental bill passed by the State House of Representatives
and State Senate in their last session of the year. The project was proposed by the City of
Muskegon Heights staff for consideration, and the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
acted as an advocate with the Governor’s Office and the legislature.
During sessions in both the State House and Senate, the representatives from Muskegon
Heights’ district worked hard to ensure that this substantial development made it through to
the final bill, with deliberations in session going throughout the night.
“I am excited to see this project for Muskegon Heights. This is a major renovation for the main
thoroughfare of the community and it continues the revitalization of a great city,” said Rep.
Terry Sabo of the 92nd District. “I look forward to a continued partnership with the great
leadership at Muskegon Heights City Hall as long as I am serving the citizens as their voice in
Outgoing Senator Goeff Hansen was also instrumental in advocating for the funds, adding “I am
pleased we have secured state funding to assist our local communities with making critical
infrastructure improvements along Sherman Boulevard. These funds will assist in attracting
new investments and make our neighborhoods safer.”

The City of Muskegon Heights has made significant strides in infrastructure repair in the last 2
years, passing a citizen enacted streets millage in 2017 and impacting 26 blocks of residential
streets. City Manager Jake Eckholm, who submitted the project on behalf of the city, sees this

as one more piece in a larger puzzle. “We could not be more pleased and grateful for these
funds. Over 12,000 cars travel Sherman Boulevard in our city limits, and we see this as an
opportunity to improve he experience on our busiest corridor for residents, commuters, and
visitors alike.”
Eckholm was also pleased with the partnership shown in advocating for the project, noting
“From the Chamber of Commerce, Senator Hansen’s office, Representative Sabo’s office, and
my own team of staff and elected officials here at City Hall, this was such a cooperative effort.
There is a lot of talk about divisions and disagreements nowadays, but rest assured great
partnership still occurs that will benefit citizens and I get to see it first hand in my position.”
Bidding and work on the project is expected to begin in calendar 2019.
The bill now moves to Governor Snyder’s desk for ratification which is expected to occur before
the holiday break in Lansing.
Jake Eckholm, City Manager