Muskegon Heights School Boards Focuses On High-Achieving Students

Andrew Trzaska | January 25, 2011

EMT. Artist. Lawyer. Astronaut. Pediatrician. Even President of the United States, but only if a basketball career doesn’t work out first.

These are the future career plans of some the brightest students in the Muskegon Heights Public School district.

Monday night’s board meeting included a special presentation of many of the district’s students-of-the-month from September through December.  Over twenty students were commended at the meeting, not counting those who could not make it to the meeting.

All board members shook the hands of the students, who come from all grades within the school system. They also thanked the students’ parents as well, many of who attended the meeting this week.

Several board members also encouraged all in attendance to see the positive in the school system.

“This is very encouraging.  We know we have some excellent students here… We can’t let public opinion of us become our opinion of us,” said board President Avery Burrell.

Also in focus at Monday’s meeting was Club 36, the ACT prep group recently formed for Muskegon Heights students by S. Ann Lars, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the district.  Named for the highest score achievable on the ACT, the group provides instruction and training for the college entrance exam.

Club 36 has already started meeting, but is open for new people to come to its weekly meetings.  They meet Wednesday nights from 6 p.m until 8 p.m. at the Board of Education building in the Parent Resource Center.

Andrew Trzaska

103.7 “The Beat” – local government beat reporter and political analyst

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