Nicole Bradford

By: Emily Guiles

Winner of the young professional Beat Award, Nicole Bradford said that winning the Beat Award has enabled her to form relationships with people in the community that she wouldn’t have otherwise. Bradford also said that it is an honor and makes her feel proud to know that she is noticed and valued by her community.

Bradford stated that the Beat awards are very important, especially given all the negativity that has surrounded Muskegon Heights in the recent years.

Currently finishing her Phd, Bradford doesn’t plan on leaving the health care field, and hopes to move on to teaching or an executive position at a hospital.

Overall she has completed 12 years of further education and plans to stop after finishing her doctorate.

Bradford always knew that she wanted to work in the health care field. A huge inspiration for her career choice was her mother, who was sick with emphysema in her childhood, and has since passed away.

Education is supremely important to Bradford and she believes that it is the only way to truly escape poverty, and better your life.

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