With Deficit Plan Deadline Looming, MAISD Offers Proposals To Right Heights Public Schools Finances

Despite widespread misinformation, the board of education retains decision-making powers for the district. While the school board asked the state last month to install Demetriou as an emergency financial manager for the district, the state has not taken action on the matter; Demetriou remains in an advisory role only.

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Heights School Board Questions Validity of State Takeover Comments, Gives Deficit Answer Timeline

Comments from Education Achievement System chancellor John Covington come as the board, district superintendent Dr. Dana Bryant, the district’s auditors and representatives of other arms of the district will head to Lansing Wednesday to submit their deficit elimination plan for the coming school year.

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School Board, Superintendent of Muskegon Heights Public Schools Emphasize Optimism and Unity In Tough Months Ahead

Andrew Trzaska | May 24, 2011 The Muskegon Heights school board and Superintendent Dr. Dana Bryant set a new tone

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