Muskegon Public Schools Spring Head Count Released, Next Year’s Funding Picture Shaky

With the last week’s spring student count day complete, Muskegon’s board of education revealed their spring head count numbers at Tuesday’s full board meeting.

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County Makes Citizen Appointments To Numerous Standing Committees

Each committee has a different planning focus, and can help influence policy goals and recommendations of the county commission. Those appointed to the county’s 19 committees often bring strategic views or advocacy to the table. To ensure certain interests are represented, “slots” are given to different professions or public/private status.

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MATS Bus System Sees Ridership Increase In 2011; Muskegon County Airport Down Overall, But Sees Recent Surge

Through July, the Muskegon Area Transit System’s bus ridership is up virtually across the board, on both the day and night schedules. The Muskegon County airport has had some declines and rises in different categories of air service, but has seen a strong increase in commercial passengers since May.

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