City of Muskegon Heights to Join Muskegon Central Dispatch’s Internet Phone System

New fiber lines will not need to be run to city hall for the service, as the city’s police and fire departments already have the lines; this is a significant cost savings for implementation. New phone equipment will need to be purchased, and will cost $40,000 over 5 years. According to the city’s finance department, this will still save the city $7,000 a year for until the equipment is paid off; after that, savings of roughly $15,000 a year will be achieved.

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City of Muskegon Heights Passes 2012 Budget, Seeing No Layoffs or Service Cuts

From budget documents, the city anticipates $6,109,828 in revenues and $5,975,597 in expenditures in 2012. This leaves a $134,231 operating fund balance. Under the umbrella of Public Safety, the city’s police and fire departments have a budget of 2,813,084, which includes grants received by both departments and is roughly 47% of the city’s total expenditures.

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After Third Quarter of 2011, Muskegon Heights Appears To Be Under Budget

Budget-to-actual expense documents obtained this week from the city indicate that three quarters of the way through the city’s fiscal year, the city’s expenses are only at approximately 66.3% of the year’s budget, below the expected 75% benchmark.

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