UPDATE: Date Change for Open House for Neighborhood Stabilization Program Houses in Muskegon

While more houses are being refurbished and built in the coming months, this leaves only two completed locations on the CNS office’s for-sale list, located at 143 E. Isabella and 1204 Ransom Street.

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Muskegon’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program Sells More Homes, Open House Scheduled

As of now, a total of six of nine homes will have been sold to buyers in the community since sales started last December. One is currently in the closing process, and the two remaining houses are located at 134 East Isabella and 1201 Ransom.

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Muskegon Heights Applying For, Hoping To Receive $900,000 Grant To Fight Foreclosure Blight

Andrew Trzaska | January 11, 2011 Muskegon Heights will submit a grant application to Muskegon County for $900,000 in federal

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