Muskegon Heights Public School Academy Charter District Slips Onto Deficit Watch List

This is not to be confused with the deficit that Muskegon Heights Public Schools continues to carry from before it outsourced educational and other services to Mosaica Education in 2012.

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Heights Charter Enrollment Stands Above 1,200 Students

October’s official count day, which helps figure out what amount of state aid school districts receive, yielded a count of 1,222, in line with recruitment hopes but just over 200 students short of a projected number set forth in its budget projections.

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Muskegon Heights Charter Board Passes Budget; Mosaica Hires Regional VP

“The goal is to pour as many resources in the schooling as possible in the first year instead of building surpluses or deficits,” said Mosaica vice president for school finance Roger Gray.

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