In Light of Consolidation, Muskegon Public Schools Administration Details Plans For 2012-2013 Teacher Hiring

During Tuesday’s board meeting, Savage made a correction on a May 1 memo regarding the rehiring process for sixth grade teachers. “Sixth grade teachers will not automatically displaced but will receive assignments based on their seniority and level of certification,” said assistant superintendent Betty Savage.

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With A $10.5 Million Deficit, Muskegon School Board Hears Plan For Budget Cuts

The plan is designed to make cuts across the board. On the chopping block: summer recruitment efforts, 30 teachers, 5 administrators, 5 parapros, 17 support staff, $200K for community education, several varsity and JV sports, all swimming pools in the district, and much more.

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Muskegon School Board Hands Out Mass Pink-Slips; All Employees To Learn Fate Beginning Of June

Muskegon’s school board voted to not just pink-slip some segments of its employee base, but to send out non-renewal notices to all who are employed by the district. While no one is necessarily out of a job yet, no one knows for sure they will be employed after July 1 either.

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