UPDATE: Further Muskegon Heights Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Appointment Details Shared By Interim Superintendent

The governor will not make any decisions on whom to appoint until after the board decides whether or not to appeal the ruling. Currently, the district has one week to appeal the decision, with a decision required by April 17. If appealed, the hearing will occur at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18 in Lansing.

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To Improve Deficit Elimination Plan, Muskegon Heights Board of Education Makes Cuts, Privatizes Positions, Transfers Some Services to MAISD

The board made decisions regarding some of the cuts in a closed session that happened in the early part of Monday’s meeting and lasted over one hour.

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Heights School Board Aiming for Unity on Budget Vote; Tables Vote Until Special Meeting Thursday

Andrew Trzaska | June 28, 2011 In order to get final questions answered as well as hoping for complete agreement,

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