Muskegon to Share Zoning Administrator with Muskegon Heights

Both cities will sign a memorandum of understanding laying out Muskegon zoning administrator Mike Franzak’s work for Muskegon Heights. Click through to read the details.

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City of Muskegon Okays Rezoning To Allow For More Secondhand Shops

“Currently you have to go through a very bureaucratic process to open something like an antique shop,” said Ward 3 Commissioner Larry Spataro. “We thought this would let businesses get up and running without the need for a special permit.”

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Medical Marijuana Ordinances Voted On In Muskegon, Mayor Urges Patience From All Sides

With both pro- and anti-medical marijuana factions not 100% happy with the city’s new regulations on where medical marijuana can be grown and dispensed, Mayor Steve Warmington and several commissioners urged understanding and patience as the rollout progresses.

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