The Roads In Muskegon Heights

By: Emily Guiles

It is no secret that the roads in Muskegon Heights are not the greatest, and heven’t been for a long time. Muskegon Heights is on a tight budget, but the citizens have been pushing for roads to be repaired for years and are hopeful that 2015 can be the start of that transformation.

The latest road work done in Muskegon Heights was in May of 2015, there was a project to fix patchwork that had been done on Sherman Boulevard between Baker and Peck st. Almost a year prior to this a water main breakage on Sherman forced the city to put down a temporary patch. And fixing Sherman Boulevard did nothing to help the break down of the inner city roads that make up most of Muskegon Heights.

In 2009 a pothole on Getty street was named one of the four winners in a contest, sponsored by Michigan Transportation Team, for the worst pothole in Michigan. There were over 200 entries. The following year another pothole on Seventh st was also voted one of four winners in Michigan.

In 2015 Michigan city roads were voted some of the worst in the country.

Governor Rick Snyder has spent the past 4 years trying to urge the state to increase long term road funding by at least 1.2 billion a year. It is not clear if this increase will be considered.